Past Conferences


The San Diego Science Educators Association (SDSEA) is a partner in 2016 SDSEC, which is modeled on their rich conference history.  The journey of their Science Education Conference started very small with 250 people at the SD County Office of Education.  As the conference grew the locations varied from smaller hotels in Mission Valley, to Valhalla High School, to the Community Concourse (Plaza Hall and Golden Hall).  In 2011 SDSEA began 3 years of joint Technology and Science Conferences with the San Diego Computer Using Educators (SDCUE) at El Cajon High School and Cal State San Marcos.  The “Science Trek- The Next Generation” conference was organized solely by SDSEA at Grossmont College. The 2015 Conference featured Dr. Richard Somerville as Keynote Speaker, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate for his contributions to climate change research.

This year’s planning committee is comprised of representatives from San Diego Children and Nature, San Diego San Diego State University, Fleet Science Center, San Diego Coast Keeper, UCSD Natural Reserve System, UCSD Create, Biocom Institute, Salk Institute, Master Gardener Associations and San Diego Science Educators Association.

2015 Conference Photos Courtesy of SDSEA

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